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Sleep well

Sleep Well

Fast relief from bed bugs–call today, sleep peacefully tonight

At Thrasher, your comfort is our concern. We exterminate bed bugs, provide bed bug monitoring, and bed bug prevention.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be costly. That is why we offer three different proven solution for getting rid of bed bugs. One of our solutions is sure to fit our budget and time-frame.

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Why Call Us?

With bed bugs, experience matters

  • Highest customer satisfaction in the business
  • Experienced and highly trained bed bug technicians
  • Bed bug treatments backed by our limited warranty
  • We get rid of bed bugs and then help you keep them away
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured. Don’t just let anyone in your home!
  • QualityPro Certified (the highest rating in pest control management)

Unlike companies who’ve recently jumped into bed bug treatment for a quick profit, we’ve been battling bed bug infestations for years and we take the long view. We want you to be so satisfied that you’ll recommend Thrasher to your friends and neighbors. That is why we take the extra time after successful bed bug treatment to help you prevent bed bugs from reinfesting your home.

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