Patented BedBugFREE™ 7-Step formula for Successful Elimination of Bed Bugs

Integrated Bed Bug Control is a seven step process that combines steam extermination, chemical treatment, high-powered vacuuming, preventive and capture methods. Some relief is immediate, with full bed bug control in 12 to 24 days or more depending upon the severity of the problem and your participation.

Integrated Bed Bug Control is the most cost effective method of eliminating bed bugs. It is suitable for apartment units and other dwellings where heat treatment or full structure fumigation is impossible.

With proper cooperation, bed bugs will be eliminated. However, bed bugs are an introduced pest and can hitchhike their way back at any time. That’s why your participation is essential in keeping your home bed bug free.

Integrated Bed Bug Control is back by our 90-day limited bed bug warranty that begins the day bed bug elimination is declared.

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90-day Limited Warranty for Bed Bugs

A 90-day limited bed bug warranty begins on the day that ELIMINATION has been declared. Client understands that in some situations,ELIMINATION may never be declared. In these situations ongoing services will be required to manage the bed bug infestation and no warranty will be granted.

During the 90-day limited warranty period, if bed bugs are found to be present in the unit, Thrasher will treat the unit at no additional charge. For the limited warranty to remain in effect, the following provisions must be met by the Client: The Client agrees to continued monitoring and treatment. No new additional furniture (new or used) is brought into the unit. No luggage either owned by the Client or guests may be brought into the unit. No new occupants take up residence in the unit, including temporary guests. If the unit shares walls with other units, then surrounding units must be inspected for bed bugs prior to the beginning of the limited warranty period. Client must maintain the unit free from factors contributing to infestation included, but not limited to, factors listed in documentation provided by Thrasher Termite & Pest Control, Inc.