How Well Do Bed Bug Detectors Work?


How well do bed bug detectors work? Really well. Watch this 60-second video of a bed bug running in circles inside a Lights Out detector. The bed bug can't get a grip to climb out, that's

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Bed Bugs Home for the Holidays


According to the Associated Press in May, several people in a group of 40 chaperones and students visiting Penn State's main campus said they came home with bed bug bites. This is far from an

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How to Talk to Kids About Bedbugs


Cari Donaldson gives a child's perspective on bedbugs at the beginning of one of her blogs. The rest of the post is religious in nature, and quite good, but the first four paragraphs had us laughing out

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Home Treatment for Bed Bugs


In The Complete Vermin-Killer, published January 1777, I discovered a list of old-time recipes for getting rid of bed bugs. Back in the day, three out of four houses were infested with bed bugs. If

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