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Bed Bugs are Big Problems on Campus

You know you’re living with bed bugs when you develop welts on your neck, arms, and sides of your back that itch like crazy. Small dark specks on your pillow and on your sheets are another sign of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a big problem in campus housing and in many Greek houses. Your room may have already been infested with bed bugs when you moved in, or they may crawl over from the room across the hall.

You can protect yourself from bed bugs with devices that prevent bed bugs from climbing onto your bed called insect interceptors and with Protect-A-Bed bed bug proof mattress encasements. Storing your stuff in see-through gasket boxes makes finding bed bugs easier. A copy of The Bed Bug Battle Plan by Garrett Thrasher is full of valuable information about bed bug prevention, bed bug identification, and bed bug control solutions.