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Bed Bug Proof Before You Travel

To avoid the bite of bed bugs when you travel and to leave those nasty pests behind when you return home, follow these steps.

1. Bed Bug Proof Before You Travel

2. Stay Vigilant During Travel

3. Eliminate Bed Bugs When You Return Home

Detailed instructions are found in our flyer, Bed Bug Travel Tips.

To get you started, here are our pre-travel recommendations:

1. Encase Mattresses. Make sure that all of your mattresses and box springs are encased in bed bug certified encasements prior to leaving on your trip. This is a very important pro-active step that will prevent bed bugs from getting inside of your mattresses & box springs and will aid in the early detection of the bugs in the event that you accidentally bring bed bugs into your home.

2. Pack Heavy Duty Plastic Bags. Purchase heavy duty “construction debris” or trash compactor plastic bags that are large enough to hold your luggage. When you return from your trip, seal your luggage in these bags before placing them in your car. This will isolate any bed bugs that may be associated with your luggage and prevent your vehicle from becoming infested on your way back home. Once you arrive home you will be able to deal with your luggage and its contents using the recommendations provided later in this guide.

3. Use Hard Shelled Luggage. It is less bed bug friendly than fabric.

4. Pack Items In Ziploc® Bags. Clothing that can be hot laundered or dry cleaned can be easily dealt with when you get home, however items that cannot be laundered such as electronics toiletries etc. can be packed in sealed Ziploc® bags to protect them from becoming infested should you encounter bed bugs.

Bed Bug Travel Tips


About the Author:

Garrett Thrasher is author of Bed Bug Battle Plan (available on Amazon), a San Diego District Director of the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC), a member of the bedbugFREE network, and a member of the National Pest Management Association. His company has been awarded the QualityPro mark of excellence in pest management.As a member of the Thrasher family, Garrett grew up in the pest Control business founded by his father in 1979. After earning his B.S. in Psychology from U.C. Irvine, he worked for several different pest control companies to understand various business models. His number one take-away was the same as his family’s philosophy: there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. Garrett settled in San Diego and opened the Southern California branch of the business.